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Paul Sears

Born in Washington DC 1953, and currently living in Superior, Arizona. Paul is the son of Lawrence Sears, (1925-1983) prominent music critic, organist, pipe organ consultant, and teacher in Washington DC from the late 1950s until the mid 1980s, and Doris Sears, (1925-1991) an amateur vocalist and pianist. Both parents hail from Coatesville, PA. Paul started by playing the trumpet, & autoharp, during the early 1960s, experimented with guitar, & bass, and finally settled on the drums during 1967. Influenced by all the music he grew up with, and the burgeoning Washington DC local rock music scene he began to play in rock bands in 1968, and bands that wrote and arranged all their own material by 1972. Since then he has played / and or recorded with The Muffins, and other well known musos including Andy West , Don Preston, Bunk Gardner, Fred Frith, John Greaves, Peter Blegvad, Daevid Allen, Jerry Goodman, TS Henry Webb, Al Bouchard, Judy Dyble, Steve Hillage, Karda Estra, Pepe Gonzalez, Thee Maximalists, Cyndee Lee Rule, 9353, Bernie Wandel, Henry Kaiser, David Byers, Bill Laswell,Yochk’o Seffer, Present, Cyrille Verdeaux’s Clearlight, Marshall Allen and Knoel Scott, Mike Keneally, Harvey Bainbridge, Morglbl, The Red Masque, and many others.

He continues to record in his Arizona studio, Garage Mahal, and plays out both in the US and abroad occasionally. He is also a broadcaster, since 2014, presenting weekly The Paul Sears Radio Hour as part of the popular Prog Rock Diner cable and Internet progressive rock show on Radio Fairfax in VA. He has also appeared on KOTO-FM, in Telluride CO.

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