Margit Macchia

“Margit E. Macchia was born in a small village in Austria and for most of her childhood dreamed of being an entertainer on the big stage. She never once thought that forty years later, she would be leading seminars and workshops to help people make their business dreams come true, by creating and leading their own seminars, workshops, and training.

After years of learning, by working for world-class seminar leaders, participating in and volunteering hundreds of hours in their workshops, Margit graduated to being onstage herself, and now leads her own practical and highly successful workshops and training. She also coaches and accompanies world-class trainers to the tops of their careers.

In her spare-time, Margit has taken opportunities to lead fundraising teams for schools, churches and private organizations. She has also served and worked with non-profit organizations like “Circle of Hope”,”Kids Helping Kids”, the ”Michael Hoefflin Foundation”, the ”Make a Wish Foundation”,”Chess for Kids”, and the “Canyon Theatre Guild.”

Helping others has been, and always will be, the purpose of Margit’s life journey. Currently she is coaching clients from all around the world. Her biggest passion is to write and teach others how to develop their own seminars. The Trainer’s Toolbox is a collection of her work and experience, sharing with readers how to be successful with seminars while having fun! “

1000 West Apache Trail, Suite 126 Apache Junction, AZ 85120