Arlin Troutt

Arlin Troutt

Arlin Troutt was born in the hills of Tennessee in 1950 and raised on a small tobacco farm North of Nashville. He started singing in a child gospel quartet and playing the guitar when he was 6 years old.

Arlin was swept up in an economic exodus from his simple southern farm life to the city life of Indianapolis, Indiana in the early 1960’s. He played in many groups of musical variety. Arlin calls this book in his life: “Read’in Right’in and Route 31 to Indianapolis/Naptown.”

Indianapolis changed Arlin and his music. By 1969 Arlin was caught up in the turbulence of the times and soon headed for Arizona to a new life of escape, adventure and excitement. While in Arizona Arlin became deeply involved in the political issues that started with the Vietnam War and evolved into the civil Drug War than now rages in our streets. Again. Arlin and his music changed with the times and terrain. In 1971 his first son was born and he moved to what is now known as Gold Canyon, Arizona, where he still lives today.

From the sunsets and mountains of the Southwest to the jungle trails into Central and South America, Arlin absorbed the cultural influences and easy way of living on the way to the equator. Arlin’s life and work is an anthology of “unique non-conformity” that was shaped by his experiences and personal observations.

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