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Steel Waters

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Volume 1 of the Continuing Adventures of Glen Wilson


Here’s where it all begins…Glen Wilson goes to Bolivia and is drafted into the drug trade. Get your copy and get on board with the excitement…you don’t want to be the only person in America who has not experienced the wild ride.

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Ken Coffman

Ken Coffman was born in Medford, Oregon in 1953. He’s been a berry picker, cat food factory worker, dish washer, Air Force Sergeant, rock-n-roll bass player, concert promoter, author, publisher, electrical engineer and engineering manager. In tribute to a life-long love of the written word, he’s written 12 novels, one nonfiction and a technical book. The latest novel is called The Sandcastles of Irakkistan. He has two grown children and lives in Arizona State with his wife (the futile voice of reason).

Ken, Bravo! I love your work.

Robert Ferrigno, New York Times bestselling author of The Horse Lattitudes, Prayers for the Assassin and other novels.

First of all Glen has the get some excitment back into his life,he makes a few dope deals but along the way he helps an old Vietnam buddy get his life back on track.Then he meets a Young girl and gets her along towards a better life.He is in Boliva when he meets an old Nazi who trys to do him wrong, anyway Glen makes out in spite of the CIA and the DEA it is an exciting read

Edward B.

Mr. Coffman's writing is impeccable. He commands and dominates his craft at all times to the point of perfection. Every I is dotted and every t crossed the way only a passionate and possessive writer does . However, with the author over dominating his novel , as a reader I often felt as an intruder , peeking into a realm I was not supposed to be in . I became intrigued by the main character although I could not relate or sympathize with his take on life. He puzzled and entertained me .Sometimes irritated me. In the end , I could not put the book down . It's definitely a good read , way above and beyond the pedestrian variety.

Adina V. Pelle

This is well written and a fun read with just the right amount of humor. Worth the time. Any Southener can relate to the dialouge.


Mr. Coffman has created a great character in Glen Wilson. The colorful and unique way Glen sees and describes the world (and its inhabitants) is original, genius and comic all at the same time. He is the book, and carries it well. His unique, and often brilliant, problem-solving skills make for a fun ride. Glen's no angel, mind you, but beneath his penchant for booze and loose women, he has a nobleness that can't be denied.

Jill Anderson

Reading this book is great fun. Sort of Clive Cussler, sort of Patrick McManus, but a style that is Ken Coffman's alone. The irreverent style of the main character and the rather raw presentation of his travels and travails is addicting. You wonder what's going to be his odd situation with each turn of the page, and so you just keep reading and getting rewarded. Once I pick it up, I hate putting it down.


Steel Waters is the start of a long-term adventure with a Walter Mitty character, updated to the 60s with drugs, crime and hustling thrown in, who spots opportunities on the spur of the moment to make a bundle, score with a lady or just do something unexpected and sit back and watch the reaction. Hard to put down because of Glen Wilson's unpredictable character and, as an added bonus, the novel provides an excellent primer course to enter the fast moving, financially rewarding career of drug smuggling or movie star building. It was a fun read and I look forward to more of Glen's adventures.

John C. Philipp

The hero of this book, Glen Wilson, is a character one would love to meet in real life. Maybe. There is nothing predictable about the plot, the choices that Wilson makes, or wild happenings that befall him as he moves through an almost Kerouac type of existence (but a bit more interesting). I could not put the book down. I mean literally, and kept reading it through. The good news is that there is more Wilson in my reading future.

Sy Garte


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