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The Donald L. Ensenbach Collection


Get all four books in the Whispers from the Past Series, plus Men of Metal and Crosses in this special Donald L. Ensenbach Collection.

Donald L. Ensenbach

Donald L. Ensenbach is a 76-year old storyteller of prehistoric Native American legends and myths. “Kokopelli: Dream Catchers of an Ancient” is about a fabled Mayan boy orphaned at 12, who becomes a traveling trader, and god of fertility. “Shadows Through a Spirit Window” follows his daughter’s family through the Southwestern Americas during the 7th century. The third, “Whispering Winds Remember”, will be out in fall. Donald appears at bookstores and special events in Arizona, Nevada and Wisconsin, and arranges and guides tours to the the locations he writes about. The series is planned to continue with books about the 10th, 12th and 15th centuries.



A fictional tale of the footsteps of a legendary bent-backed, flute playing, Casanova and trader of the Southwest, whose features were among those left as rock art on the walls of caves and canyons by prehistoric artists. The rock art is known as petroglyphs and pictographs.

Kokopelli: Dream Catchers of an Ancient is the first book of fictional history of a planned six book series called Whispers from the Past which describes the development and population shifts of humanity from the 7th through the 15th centuries in the Western Americas.


Shadows Through a Spirit Window

Looking from the overlook to which a wolf had led her over ten summers past, Little Star and her mate Gray Eagle gazed at the valley, lake, and village of Besh ba Lakado, their home since then. After her mother, White Moon, and spirit father, Kokopelli, walked the path to the happy hunting grounds, they were leaving to become traveling traders.

This adventure would lead them to face dangerous animals, meet friends of Kokopelli, start a family, train animals to help them, and add a partner. They would find new lives, where they would follow, lead, learn, teach, and live through the challenges offered by the “Great One.”

The locations described in this book can be visited by the reader. Besh ba Lakado, the village in which Little Star and Gray Eagle lived, is actually known a Tonto National Monument above Roosevelt Lake. Green Stone is the village of Peridot, Besh ba Gowah is the archaeological park in Globe, and Large House is now known as the Casa Grange National Monument in Coolidge. All of the above are in Arizona.

Whispering Winds Remember

Whispering Winds Remember is the third book in a trilogy depicting the lives of the native people who lived in the 7th century throughout the Southwest, written as a sequel to Kokopelli: Dream Catchers of an Ancient and Shadows Through a Spirit Window. The story follows the fictitious daughter of Kokopelli, widowed, the mother of twins, one of which was picked up by an eagle and carried away to become the legendary Eagle Boy, in the service of the “Great One.” The locations described and written about in this series are city, National, or state parks, and may be visited in Arizona and New Mexico.

When the Spirits Move: A Native American Creation Story

The creation story has been written by many people who lived from the beginning of time by their oral stories told through generations becoming legends and myths, as many were unbelievable, and almost all, unsubstantiated. Then too, there were always storytellers who provided entertainment with stories they had heard from other storytellers or made up on their own. Some were told as lessons passed on to children, some were stories made up while under the influence of peyote, the drug of the Native American, and there were those that had been passed on through generations of the clan or family. Yes, legends and myths give us a peek at the past through eyes, hearts and minds of many long-ago lives lived, but not recorded. Enjoy the stories I have assembled from legends and myths, and some stories a storyteller like me made up.

Men of Metal and Crosses

This is a story of the European sailors, soldiers and priests who conquered the Americas. The native people living on this land had never seen the terrible weapons brought by these foreigners—horses, cannons, crossbows, muskets and hardened-steel swords along with a new religion brought by priests who spoke of humility rather than human sacrifices.

From the four voyages of Christopher Columbus to the army of Cortes marching into the lands of Montezuma and Mexico. From the search for the seven cities of Cibola to the march of de Anza from Mexico to San Francisco.

This is real history!

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